What are VIVISTOP Minis?

To give you a flavor of what VIVITSOP studio will be like, we have created VIVISTOP Mini - a travelling pop-up studio visiting Wellington communities during March-August 2021. During the pop up events children ages 9-15 can create and make using all the tools and technology available. We also organise unique workshops to show how to use different tools and techniques to make creativity flow even greater.
All our pop-up's and workshops are free to attend!

See below when we are coming to you!

Keen to host us or work with us? Give us a shout at hello[at]

Upcoming events
VIVISTOP Mini Moving Images
VIVISTOP MINI - Moving Images

12th, 19th and 26th of June

Past events
VIVISTOP Mini#1 visiting Lower Hutt
3rd of March - 13th of March 2021
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