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Children and youth creativity accelerator
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What we believe
Creativity is the cornerstone for the future generation of innovators, founders, and makers to lead a positive change in society.

What is VIVITA?

VIVITA Aotearoa is an innovation studio and ideas accelerator for kids and youths.

Aimed for children at ages 9-15, the studio guides creativity through a self-guided learning experience, workshops and mentor pairing. We are part of VIVITA International creativity accelerator network spanning across the globe.

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VIVISTOP Korea baking

What we do?

VIVISTOPs are child-friendly, open-plan workshops and innovation studios where kids can discover, experiment, and create by themselves. VIVISTOPs are free of charge for children to participate.

Besides the studio, we organise events and workshops to expose children to different creativity techniques and possibilities. Our activities are supported by hardware and software tools for prototyping, robotics and other creative tasks developed by VIVITA team.

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